Northern Rivers Locations is actively looking for all sorts of Locations to add to our Photography & Film Locations database.  If your Location is on our database and an enquiry comes in and your property fits the description we will give you a call to see if your place is available and if you are interested in accomodating the production.  If your property is then chosen for the production, we contact you directly to discuss all filming details and requirements.  We deal direct with the Production Company on your behalf.  We make sure your property is covered by the production company with the relevant insurances and contractual agreements, ensure that the location is returned to the condition in which it was received and make sure a profitable location fee is paid to you upfront.  All of this at no cost to you.

Fiona Gough, Location Manager and owner of Northern Rivers Locations, has over 20 years experience working in Film and TV.  She has a strong connection with the Northern Rivers Region.  Growing up in the area and living here on and off for the last 35 years.

All of our Location Managers are professional and experienced, we respect your property and your privacy.  Please click below for more information on what to expect if your location is chosen for filming, what photo's we require and click to read more about our Privacy Policy.

If you have a property, whether it is a swimming hole, outdoor shower, yurt, architecturally designed abode, beach shack or farmhouse, whatever you have we would love to hear from you.  Even if you are curious and would like more information.  Simply fill in the form below or email me and we will get in touch.


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