You have a property and think it might be perfect for a film location. Below is a little bit about what to expect if your property is chosen for a photo or film shoot. 

The Location Scout

Once you have listed your property with Northern Rivers Locations we have your photos on file.

When a client requests a certain location and your property suits the filming requirements we will give you a call to see if you are interested and available for the shoot. Once we have your permission we will show our client your photos and see if it is what they had in mind.

Sometimes the Director may want to see the property themselves to make sure it works for the shots they need.

Sometime we may need to pop over and take a specific photo to help represent what the client is after.

We will arrange a time when this is convenient.

At this stage we can also let you know what the job is for, what is expected, what parts of the property we would need, a rough location fee and how big the shoot is.

A film/commercial production can have 10 - 40 crew and a photographic shoot 6 - 12 crew. This depends on the requirements of the shoot.

Your Property is selected

Once your property has being selected by the Client, and few things need to happen.

Tech Reece

A Tech Reece is when the heads of department come to Reece the location. It usually take 30mins - 1hr. We will organise a time usually 4-7 days prior to filming. The production company does not pay for this time it is considered covered in the Location Fee.

Prep & Strike 

'Prep Days' - the set up days before filming and 'Strike Days' (the bumping out and restoring the location after filming) are sometimes necessary. 

The Location Fee

Once we have an understanding of what the production need from your location we can finalise a location fee. This fee will be paid direct from the production company before the shoot day.

Any additional fees or overtime will be paid within 7 days of the completion of the job.


Northern Rivers Locations will provide a contract, which will be entered into between the Production Company and the location owner. The location owner will receive a signed copy of the contract prior to the commencement of the hire period. It will have the following points.

  • The production company has access to your property

  • The company owns any footage shot at your home

  • The the contract will detail payment amounts and methods

  • The production company are responsible for any public liability insurance.

  • The property will be returned to the owner at the end of production as it was found.

Public Liability

All production companies will provide their own Public Liability a copy of this will be emailed to you before the job commences.


The Production

Northern Rivers Locations will have a representative overseeing the production on the day on your behalf. 

After the completion of the production we make sure that the crew have bumped out and that everything is put back in the right spot. In the rare case that damage has occured during the production we make it know to the producer and production manager and then assist in organising the damage to be fixed or replaced.

What Photos we need

Photos are how we sell your property. The easiest and quickest way to add your location to the Northern Rivers Locations database is to upload digital photographs. On the "list with us" form we provide an upload which loads direct into our secured dropbox folder. It requests an email to file your photos. It is optional to put this in, it helps us easily locate your files within the database.

Photographs should be taken of both the exterior and interior of the property.

Please limit picture file sizes to under 1MB.

Here are some of the types of photos that will best represent your property listing.

  • Front exterior shot

  • From front of house looking out

  • Dining room

  • Hallways

  • Kitchen

  • Living rooms

  • Living room looking into other rooms

  • Master bedroom

  • Backyard

  • Bathroom

  • Any other interesting features ie Pool, Garden, Tennis Court, Stables, Driveway

If you have anymore queries or questions about Locations and the production process please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.